Gift Guide for Kids 2020

Getting the perfect gift for kids can be a challenge, especially in 2020! Whether your kids love creative activities, tech gadgets, or something in between, our gift guide for kids has you covered. No matter what you choose, you can be sure to bring a smile to your little ones� faces this holiday season!

We got this fishing hook for Cove last year and it's been a great little rod and reed for him. It folds up pretty small so it's perfect for travel.

Banwood Bikes
- We have both the bicycle and the balance bike and they are so cute! They are very well made and have adorable baskets and bells.

Jelly Cats - These are our favorite stuffed animals. They are SO soft and the perfect size. Keepsakes and lovies forever!

Q&A for kids - A friend of ours did this with their kids and it was so cute! I ended up getting one to do with the boys this year and am going to put it in one of their stockings. We do highs and lows every night at dinner so this will be a fun thing to add to our nightly routine.We were given a hand-me-down little ATV and my boys play with it almost every single day in our backyard.

They are so fun and get a lot of use.

Dinosaur Track - Cove got this little track with battery operated cars last year as a gift and LOVES it. The boys create all kinds of fun tracks and play with the cars on their own too.

Ribbed Pjs - I buy the boys a pair of these every year for Christmas they are so soft and can be worn as separates too. I recommend sizing up.

This little rocket is perfect for backyard fun. And it's easy for even little toddlers to shoot off.

Loog Guitars - These guitars are so beautiful and come with little kits so your kid can start to learn chords and play some tunes.

The Biggest Story - This is one of my favorite books to read with the boys. It's a story that ties together all the stories in the Bible. It's also beautifully illustrated and the wording resonates with the boys.

Backyard Blow Up Fun - I have heard amazing things about this and would be a great family fun gift. The reviews speak for themselves.

Mushie Placemats, Plates and Cups. We have a few sets from Mushie and they are SO cute. Perfect for stocking stuffers. The boys are obsessed with their mats.

I love these oversized sweaters - They are great for boys or girls and are very reasonable compared to others I've seen.

The Ology. We got this book for school this year and it's honestly one of my favorite books to read every morning with my kids. It's brought so many beautiful conversations and really breaks down complex theological concepts in a way they can understand.

We got this trampoline for the boys last year and it's been SO fun. Great size and netted around for safety.

We received one of these a few years ago and it's a top fought after toy in our home. The boys love it!

I picked up two of these for the boys this year and thought they would be great for the car or travel. They also have great reviews online.

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