Stocking Stuffers and Gifts Under $30

Looking for some unique and budget-friendly gifts for your loved ones this holiday season? Check out this list of stocking stuffers and gifts under $30! From clothes and accessories to toys and treats, there's something here for everyone. Shop wisely and make your holiday shopping a breeze.

Bamboo Toothbrushes - I love getting practical things like razors and toothbrushes in my stocking. These are so pretty and a perfect addition to anyone's stocking.

Pill organizer
- I am always up for replacing random things with aesthetically pleasing options and these pill organizers are perfect for that.

Jewelry Organizer - I love this small organizer for your jewels. Would be perfect for travel.

Glass and wood cup - This cup is so pretty and reminds your friend to stay hydrated.

Tongue Scrapers - Weird, but so useful. We use these every day and it's oddly satisfying and good for your health.

Make up Removing Towels - At first I thought these things were magic. I couldn't understand how just water could gently remove even the blackest of makeup. There are such great gifts!

Gel Pens - These are our all-time favorite pens. They are perfect for journaling and writing so well.

Streams in the Desert - I got this book at the beginning of 2020 and it was so powerful to read through this year. Would be such an encouragement to anyone starting in 2021.

Jade Roller - I feel like this is something I want, but probably won't buy for myself which makes it the perfect stocking stuffer. I've gotten a few as gifts for other people and they've raved about how much they love them. They are great for puffy faces and inflammation.

AirPods case - I got this last year and love it! so many great color options.

Scrunchies Pack - These are constantly on me. I love that you get a ridiculous amount for under $10. They have about every color you could possibly imagine.

Tangle Teezer - My mom got me one of these almost ten years ago and I use it every day. It's so good when you get out of the shower and gets all the tangles out.

Make Up Brushes - This is a great deal on makeup brushes and they have great reviews too!

Porter Mug - I have the 16 oz and it's honestly one of my favorite mugs ever. It doesn't keep things hot for long, but I can't stand the taste of metal in most thermoses and this one has a nice silicone grip around it.

Stasher Bags - These are perfect for the girl who is always on the go to keep her snacks in.

Ribbed Beanie - You can never have too many beanies and I love the texture and color options of these.

A cozy throw - The same goes for throws. You can never have too many. This one is under $10 and looks so similar to the barefoot dreams one.

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