Gift Guide For Him 2023

The only gift guide you'll need for every man in your life.

Under $30

Luggage Scale $12: Nobody likes getting to the airport baggage claim and finding out your 2 lbs over the weight limit and now you're walking through security with an extra pair of boots tied around your backpack.

World's Smallest Bop-It $15: For the 90's kids.

Carter Slide Mug $28: My go-to, keeps my drink hot for a long time, and fits perfectly in the cupholder thermos.

No Weapon Formed Against Me T-Shirt $28: I only wear four graphic tees and this one is nice and worn in.

Under $100

Huckberry Forty Five Men's T shirt $33: I have almost every color and multiples in some. Great quality and perfect fit.

Airfly Bluetooth Transmitter $34: Being able to connect to airplane TVs using my own bluetooth headphones is a game changer with these.

BUG-A-SALT 3.0 $40: Time to throw away the flyswatter and role play your SWAT dreams as you hunt pesky flys around the house.

Gozney Pizza Server $40: I'm a HUGE Gozney fan and this pizza server completes our pizza baking arsenal.

Hedley & Bennett Essential Apron $75: I've ruined enough shirts and pants to know this apron not only looks good but does a fantastic job saving me from scrubbing Dawn soap over all those oil stains.

Wilderness Chef Knife $82: A perfect chef knife in the kitchen and out in the woods.

Recess Pickleball Set $88: I haven't fully ventured into the pickbleball craze yet but this is a great deal for those looking to get some fun, competitive fitness in.

Reebok Club C Vintage Shoes $90: My go-to daily trainers. I love a pair of white sneakers that can get dirty and show some character.

Lems Trailhead Shoes $105: Comfortable, light, and super easy to pack. If I'm not wearing my white Reeboks, I'm usually wearing these out.


Ember Travel Mug $180: Nobody likes taking a sip of cold coffee you swore was hot two minutes ago.

Huckberry Flint & Tinder Waxed Jacket $298: I love an heirloom jacket that looks/fits great and wears well with time and adventure.

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 $299: This smokeless fire put has been on my wishlist for years... (wink wink Victoria...)


Adorning the Dark $10: This book was recommended from a dear friend and I can't wait to dig into it.

Iron Prince (Warformed: Stormweaver Book 1) $18: I don't read much fiction, but I'm a sucker for an underdog and sci-fi book. I've read this a couple times already.

Fire and Song (Warformed: Stormweaver Book 2) $52: I finished the second book in a two weeks (it's super long) and couldn't put it down.

In the Lord I Take Refuge Devotional $22: I'm using this as a companion to our Bible Reading Plan through the Psalms it's shined a whole new light on the beauty of David's (and other authors) writings to God.

Daily Strength a Devotional for Men $22: I'm a big believer in adding devotionals on top of regular Bible reading and I'm excited to dig into this one.

Building a Second Brain $28: I do not have a great memory and this book helped me create a system to how I write and organize EVERYTHING I do.

Remaking the World $30: Another non-fiction recommended book from a friend I'm excited to dig into.

Light Bringer: A Red Rising Novel $30: This is the fifth book of my all-time favorite sci-fi/space-opera fiction book. Underdog throwing over a society. Read the first four before jumping into this one.

R.C. Sproul A Life $30: I don't venture into many biographies but this one was recommended and if I'm going to jump into learning about the life of someone, there are few better than the God-fearing titan of R.C. Sproul.

Becoming C. S. Lewis (3-Volume Set) $90: I've been told these books (on my reading list) beautifully document Lewis' life and the incredible friends he kept (J. R. R. Tolkein anybody?) in a powerful and inspiring way.

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