Gift Guide for Him

The perfect gift guide for the guy in your life - a pizza oven, flat top grill, and so much more.
  • Pizza Oven - This has been on Ian's wish list for a while now. We don't have one, but we have heard so many good things about it. For a family that eats at home as much as we do, I think it would be a great investment.
  • Solo Stove - We have used a solo stove a few times, and they are truly great. Designed with great airflow and easy to move around, they are the perfect addition to any backyard and any guy who loves a good fire.
  • Protective Glasses - Ian has had two pairs of these now. I stole one, haha. They are excellent and easier to wear than normal protective goggles in my opinion. Great stocking stuffer.
  • airflowWireless Cooking Thermometer - Ian has this and uses it all the time. He loves it! We loved it so much that we bought it as a gift for a few others too. A very well-made thermometer.
  • Blackstone - We got this for Ian for Father's Day and use it all the time. Homemade hibachi, a giant breakfast griddle, fajitas, smash burgers... the list goes on. This is a great gift for any dad who loves to grill.
  • Fellow Mug - Ian has had this for two years now and it's his favorite mug ever. He is pretty picky and this one meets the mark.
  • He Reads Truth Bible - I got this for him a few years ago, and out of all his Bibles, this one is his favorite. He loves the design, feel, and commentary throughout. He loved it so much he bought one for his dad this year too.
  • On Running Shoes - He is on pair number two now! Great running or everyday shoes.
  • Live No Lies - If you haven't read Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, start there. Then order this! So good!
  • The Intentional Father - As Cove starts to come of age, Ian's started investing a lot in key milestones in Cove and Jettson's lives. Jon Tyson runs in the same circle as John Mark Comer and some of Ian's favorite authors. Since Ian is a pretty practical and disciplined person, I know he's excited to get into this guide.
  • Balmuda Toaster - I secretly have the cream color on on my wishlist, but if Ian got the black, I would still be just as happy.
  • Do Good TeeBeautifully designed apparel with powerful messages.
  • Peak Design Wash Pouch - Ian is pretty picky and intentional when it comes to picking out things since he is a "secret" minimalist and after going through a bunch of wash pouches over the years, this is the one. He got it when he started traveling a lot a few years ago and it meets all the marks for him. I have a peak design camera bag and I can say they are very well made.
  • Garmin Watch - Ian has used an Apple Watch for 6 years now and after a ton of research, he made the switch to the Garmin Fenix. He never had any notifications enabled on his Apple Watch and likes that there's no touch screen on his Garmin. The feeling of tactical buttons and slightly more bulky design bring him back to his first days wearing big Casio G-SHOCK watches.
  • MMA Heavy Bag Kit - Ian switches up his workouts a couple of times a year. As someone who likes to be really disciplined, but also likes to change things up to keep them fresh. He grew up with a punching bag in his basement and not only does it give him a good exercising outlet, but I think it helps him work through stress. Maybe I'll buy him a pair of boxing shorts to go with the bag ;).[RewardStyle Widget]
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