Gift Guide For Her 2020

Whether you're looking for something special for a special someone, a small token of appreciation, that perfect Christmas present, or a luxurious splurge, this guide has it all. From clothing and accessories to home goods and tech gadgets, find something for the lady in your life that she'll love.

. Jewelry Organizer� - Okay, so ironically I have bought this for five different people, but have yet to have one for myself. It's on my wish list though. They are great quality and perfect for travel or just storage at home. Under $20.

Q&A a day for Moms
� - This is SO cute. I saw my friends and loved the idea of it. I am so terrible at journaling, but a few lines a day is definitely doable for me. Plus, I love the prompts and memories it asks for.

Vintage Bookshelf Board Games - I am all about pretty aesthetics and board games, so this set up is something else! Would be a perfect gift for the homebody or the lady who loves a good game night.

Kindle Paperwhite - I bought this for myself a few years ago with Christmas money and am so glad I did. I take it with me everywhere. Ian and I both have one. Mine is white and his is black, obviously. Haha.

Tranquility Weighted Blanket - As someone who struggles with anxiety and calming down at night, this blanket was perfect for me. It makes a great gift for ladies too. I suggest getting a lighter weight. Sometimes the 20lb ones can be a bit much. I love that this one is neutral and would look good anywhere in the house.

A long super cozy robe - I am such a house robe girl! I wear them ALL the time. This one is on my list this year since I've had my current one for wayyyy too long haha.

Weekender Bag - This is the ultimate Weekender, beach bag, gym bag you name it! I LOVE this bag. I used it all over my travels in Italy and use it every weekend to throw lunch and extra clothes in. It's completely washable and holds up so well.

Nespresso VertuoPlus - I actually bought this as a gift for myself a few years ago when Ian was traveling a lot and I needed to be able to make a quick cup in the mornings. I am so happy I did! I LOVE IT!

Sherpa Half Zip - Everyone needs something cozy to curl up in during the winter, and this little half zip is the perfect piece for the lady in your life.

Always Pan - I got this pan a few months ago after having it on my wish list for a while and it totally lives up to the hype. Beautiful and replaces so many pans in your kitchen.

Rainbow Ring or really anything from Made by Mary - My sister in law got me this a few years ago, and I am obsessed with it. I wear it every day. Would bring so much sunshine and happiness to someone's hand. Also, everything Made by Mary does it lovely. If you haven't checked out their necklaces before, they are incredibly beautiful and some are customizable.

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