Gift Guide For Kids

The perfect gift guide for the kids - kinetic sand, battery-operated dino tracks, and so much more.
  • Kinetic Sand - Such a great stocking stuffer they will love. Boy and girl alike, this stuff is addictively fun.
  • Battery Operated Dino cars - My boys got a dino track a few years ago and love it, so we got a few extra cars to go with it. They run the cars all over the house, not just the track which makes them a great gift on their own.
  • Vtech watch - This was one high on my boys wishlist. They got a knockoff version two years ago and are obsessed. Both crapped out this past year, so they asked for new ones. They take pictures and videos and have games and lots of fun activities.
  • The best pjs - I get a pair of these every year for the boys. They are great year-round. Super cozy and minimal for all the neutral-loving moms like me.
  • Card Holder- Another great stocking stuffer. My boys love card games and I can't wait for them to try these out. I've heard such good things about them.
  • Lion Witch and the Wardrobe - I loved these books as a kid and since I read aloud a lot with Cove for school I thought they would be really fun to do together. This set was a great price as well.
  • Nightlight - Jettson has wanted a cool nightlight for a while now, and I saw this one was trending and thought it would be perfect! He is very into space and his nursery was even space themed when he was a baby. It's rated well for teens too.
  • Kids Kindle - This was another one high on Cove's wishlist. He LOVES to read and has read basically anything in our house he can, so we thought this was a perfect addition to his growing library. Great parental controls too.
  • Point and Shoot camera - Both of my boys love to help us with the camera, so we wanted to get them a small one on their own to document and capture memories. This one is under $100.Tumblers - I like to get the boys new water bottles every year. I thought these were so fun and have cute straws to go with them.
  • Laser X - We got this for the boys last year and it was a HIT. Usually, anytime we have friends come over this gets pulled out too. Fun for adults and kids.
  • Lovevery toys - I can't speak more highly of these toys and the subscriptions. Some of them I thought would be too young for Cove, but they get SO much use from both boys. They are very well made and honestly toys I think we will save and pass down to our grand babies one day. Super super recommend it.
  • Yoto - Both my boys are obsessed with audiobooks, but since Jettson can't read yet we thought something like this would be perfect. You can purchase books to go with it, and it is also compatible with a Bluetooth speaker. Easy enough for little hands to navigate and figure out on their own too.
  • Balance Board - We have had one of these for a few years now and the boys always use it. Sometimes for tracks, reading, building forts, etc. It is one of those toys that have a lot of creative use.
  • Walkie Talkies - Another great stalking stuffer. We got these for our beach trip and the boys love them! Super fun to have around the house for secret missions.
  • National Parks of the USA - This is one of Cove's favorite books. We got it for his birthday a few years ago. We are big National Park fans so it's fun to explore when we can't always travel!
  • The Gospel Story Bible - My favorite Bible for Kids once they graduate from the Jesus Storybook Bible. We read this one every single night.
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