Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

Not to be lame, but truly, the best gift a mom can receive is the love and respect from her children year long, not just one huge celebration for one day.

When it comes to gift giving, I'm big into the thought not into the amount. I'm also big into the heart, not the obligation. I've always told Ian to never remind the boys once they are old enough that they need to do something for me. I want them to do it on their own and not feel some obligation to buy something for me for a hallmark holiday or spend x amount of money because they have to. A handwritten card goes much further than a gift card because they felt it necessary to do so.

With that, there are so many people looking to love on their momma because they do love and respect her and want her to know just how much they care. So I wanted to come up with a few ideas for all kinds of moms in case you are looking for the perfect gift.

Tangible and Intangible Ideas

  • Hosanna Revival Bible - My friend Amanda introduced me to their gorgeous Bibles and journals. They would make such a beautiful gift. They are on my wishlist!
  • Made by Mary Jewelry - I have been wearing their meaningful pieces for years and LOVE them. Rings, necklaces, earrings. You really can't go wrong. She'll love it.
  • A Trip - It doesn't have to be extravagant or maybe it does. But if your mom is in need of a change of scenery this could be the perfect gift.
  • A day/night alone - This was one of the most requested things on my sticker box on Instagram. Y'all's mama really wants a day to themselves, haha. Maybe plan an excursion for her to go off and do her favorite things together and set it all up for her so childcare and such are covered. Some of y'all even requested a hotel room for yourselves on Instagram stories.
  • A fancy picnic - This one is my favorite. I love eating Al fresco and I love family picnics. Last year Ian really did a top-notch picnic and then followed it with an at-home movie night with a concession stand and everything. It was perfect!
  • Set up an outdoor movie theatre or banquet - There are so many ways to make her feel loved and setting up something beautiful in honor of her will make her so happy. (Just make sure you don't let her clean up after ;)
  • Build or Make her something - Moms don't stop loving homemade. Whether it's a handmade craft her kids build her or a grown-up son/dad helping her build the table of her dreams, a cutting board, bench, or anything else you know she'll like. She will love knowing you put time and effort into it.
  • Professional Photos - So many of you voted for this on stories too. Moms want this season captured beautifully. They also want their kids and spouse to WANT to take pictures too. So setting it all up for her would make her so so happy. As a photographer, I think this makes a lovely gift. As a bonus gift you can have some of them printed for her.
  • Membership or Service - Whether it's a house cleaner, spa day, nail tech gift card whatever it is that your mom is into, get her the gift of not having to worry about paying for it :)
  • Plants - A lot of you suggested plants over flowers. So pick up Mom a perennial or a few and some nice house plants she can enjoy for longer than a few days.
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