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We have slowly but surely been building out Ian's office to be his dream space. One day we are hoping to have built-in bookshelves halfway around the room, but until then we got to large cabinets off Marketplace and painted them black. Ian often reads in this space and does his personal development in the morning here too, so we've been on the lookout for a chair that has both comfort and style that fits the space.

When we first found this chair on Wayfair, Ian immediately said how much he loved it. At that time we had no idea it reclined, but once we found out it did he was sold.

When we got it in person we were so impressed with the comfort too. There are also little slots on either side where you can slide your book or magazine in. The boys have loved curling up with Ian and reading a few books in it. And as a bonus, it comes with an ottoman. Ian's always pulling our ottomans from all over the house to prop up his feet, so I can't even tell you how perfect this chair is for him.

Even though they are just chairs, they hold so much more than just a bum in our house. They hold memories, cuddles, stories and so much more. Having something you love the style of and that you are comfortable in is the whole package.

Quite a bit of Ian's furniture in his office is from Wayfair, including his rug. We have been very pleased with them. As you can tell, Ian loves Mid-Century Modern so his space really embodies that warm mid-mod look.

Here are a few more chairs we looked at and loved.

shearling barrel accent chair

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side accent chair

Olivieri Side Chair // More Side Accent Chairs

leather armchair

Jarin Faux Leather Armchair // More Accent Chairs

lounge chair and ottoman

Klima Tufted Suede Lounge Chair and Ottoman // More Lounge Chairs

faux leather armchair

Jill Armchair // More Armchairs

faux leather club chair

Purcellville Club Chair // More Club Chairs


Aleksandra Armchair // More Ivory Armchairs

No items found.
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