Omni at Grove Park Inn and Asheville

At the beginning of this month, we had the opportunity to travel to Asheville and stay at the Omni Grove Park Inn. It was a special treat for me because I have wanted to stay at the resort for about ten years now. The last time we were in Asheville we had a quick trip over Thanksgiving with my parents and fell in love with the city and the beauty surrounding it.

We were very excited to bring the boys along with us to see the life-size gingerbread house and drink one of their famous hot chocolates. The resort was more beautiful than I imagined. Like a castle nestled into a mountain. It had a terrace that overlooked the sunset every day. It was actually built on sunset mountain. Which if you know my deep love for sunsets, you know that it couldn't be more perfect.We did lots of exploring and walking around the property. There were waterfalls built into the side of the mountain and an insanely beautiful spa on the property. I was so blown away. It was like a cave with waterfalls and twinkly lights built into the rocks. It was something like what you would see in a fairytale movie. I had an 80-minute full body massage and then was able to swim and soak for a bit while the boys explored. We took one afternoon to explore a bit of the city. Most of it was shut down and closed due to Covid precautions, but we were still able to explore some. We hit up Biltmore Village which is such a quaint little area that also looks like something out of a Hallmark movie. We had lunch at a little corner bakery and then headed downtown to look at some local bookstores. Asheville has quite a few. I recommend googling so you can see when they are open. The times vary due to restrictions and such.

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Some of our favorite spots we visited included:

Flora - A cute little coffee and plant shop.

Malprops Bookstore- Great for exploring.

Taco Billy - Cute place with unique tacos.

Biscuit Head - THIS ONE IS A MUST. We went twice we loved it so much.

Penny Coffee Roasters or Shop- Ian and I are kind of coffee snobs, and we loved their coffee.

Grove Arcade - Such a beautiful place to walk through when you are downtown.

Tupelo Honey- One of our favorites. Can you tell we like biscuits?

Hole Donuts - Fun little spot and unique donuts.

Sunny Point Cafe - We didn't get to stop in, but it was on my list and the food looks delicious.


We also made a stop at Looking Glass falls. It's a perfect super short hike if you have littles and quite the stunning fall.I also recommend driving into Brevard City while you are close by. It was the quaintest little city and we could have spent a whole day exploring its shops and restaurants. We loved the city of Asheville and can't wait to come back for future visits.

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