How-To Bathroom Refresh Q&A with Wayfair

I'm excited to share my most recent chat with Wayfair and bring you some tips, trends, and inspiration for a bathroom refresh.

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The Wayfair Q&A with Victoria of The Southern Trunk

Wayfair: What are the top 3 pieces that you like to update seasonally in your bathroom?

Victoria: I like to update my hand soaps/sink decor, towels, and artwork. I feel like these three things keep things fresh and are simple and inexpensive ways to fix things up.

Wayfair: Are there any must-have decor pieces that you incorporate on your countertops in order to make them feel calm?

Victoria: I like to add some greenery and beautiful pottery/pedestals to add layers and texture. Imagine big pottery with overflowing eucalyptus and wood pedestals with soaps and lotions.

Wayfair: Moving on to design aesthetics, what finishes and patterns do you like to add to your bath space?

Victoria: I love the mix of modern clean lines like gold and matte black with old rustic tile or wood grain. For example, mixing vintage vanities or light fixtures with more clean and modern tiles to make the space seem really transitional. Or vintage rugs against clean lines and modern finishes.

Wayfair: What type of light fixtures do you prefer in your bathroom?

Victoria: I really like modern and vintage vanity lighting. More so, pieces that make a statement against the wall and vanity.

Victoria's Product Picks for Bathroom Remodels

It's our hope one day to do a big stand-alone tub next to a walk-in shower with aged brass details and finishes. I'd also like to do a really fun brick tile look on the flooring mixed with grey textured tile on the walls. And then finish it all off with a warm honey-colored vanity.

As we've been moving towards one day completing that project, I've been saving so many products to my Wayfair wishlist so I can save them for future purchases and mood boards.

Image Credit: Wayfair

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