Gift Guide for Him 2020

Ian has always been really good about making gift lists, so he helped me come up with this one. Almost all of these products he already owns and loves.

Squatty Potty - I think this is a gift for the whole family, but I know that any man would appreciate it.

New Morning Mercies - This is a great devotional, not just for me. It would make a great gift for any guy who is looking for some solid truths daily to read through.

Protective Eyewear - Ian actually had a pair of these that I stole frequently for my refinishing projects. We recently got him a newer pair. They are so perfect for any guy that likes working outside or building.

Projector - We got this for Ian for Father's Day and have gotten SO much use out of it. It is another gift that is great for the whole family.

Screen to go with your projector� - If you don't already have a big blank wall or sheet, this projector is perfect. We use this one outdoors and have had good luck. We just take it down after every use.

Cloudflow Running shoes� - Ian is an avid runner and just purchased these this year and loves them. If the man in your life is athletic, he will appreciate a good pair of sneakers.

The Oregon Trail Handheld Game. - I feel like this one would pair well with the squatty potty, haha. But for real, the nostalgia that comes with this game will make him so happy.

Peak Design Wash Bag - Ian has had this Wash Bag for a little over a year now and is obsessed. He said it was one of the best bags ever for organization and he is a guru when it comes to organization.

Peak Design Everyday Bag - Speaking of Peak Design, they really do it right. We have this bag and use it as a camera bag often and love it! High quality and has so many good compartments.

Fellow Carter Mug - Spoiler alert: I got this for Ian for Christmas and he already is using it and loves it! He is pretty picky about mugs and this one doesn't give off a metallic taste, sips well, and has a sleek design.

Faithful Rhythms Journal - We also got this for Ian last year and he loved it. He is big into writing down tasks and writing down prayers etc. so this journal is perfect for that.

The best gel ball point pens - We both are obsessed with these pens. I personally will only use these when it comes to journaling now that Ian introduced me, haha.

He Reads Truth Bible - Another Bible we got Ian last year that he loves. He is all about the design, feel and additions this Bible has. It also comes in a cheaper hardback option.

Apple Watch - He has worn his every day for about three years now. He cares most about it for fitness tracking, but it's got so many good features for any guy in your life.

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